Suma trivet, as it’s composed of five parts, gives us many opportunities to use. You can use it as a pad for hot items, as a cutting board, for serving food and snacks.

The additional advantage is the fact, that due to the multitude of possible con gurations, Suma can be used for objects of various sizes such as: pot, frying pan, cof-fee pot with freshly brewed co ee, hot cup, fruits or cheese.

Suma Trivet, ponieważ składa się z pięciu elementów, daje wiele możliwości użycia. Może funkcjonować jako podkładka pod gorące przedmioty, albo jako deska do krojenia lub podawania przekąsek.

Dodatkową zaletą jest to, iż ze względu na mnogość możliwych konfiguracji, Suma może być używana do obiektów o różnych rozmiarach, takich jak: garnek, patelnia, kawiarka, gorąca filiżanka czy owoce.

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Year of design: 2018


The goal was to create a functional, marble trivet, answering a lot of issues related to the kitchen (and not only) space, but also giving many opportunities to arrange your own space in a creative way.

These marble elements could be associated with puzzles, but they are not. They are geometric shapes that, through different configurations, facilitate everyday activities in a creative and easy way. By dividing Suma trivet in the chosen way, it can be used in many situations: to put away hot coffee, a pot, cut a lemon on it, or simply use as a tabble decoration.


This trivet will be also an interesting decoration, because marble is an elegant material and you can still change the arrangement.

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